KTF programs continue to be conducted in many regional areas around Australia, giving many more underprivileged children the opportunity to “pick up a racquet and have a hit” for the first time in their lives, thanks to the Ken Rosewall Regional Project.



Newborough East Primary School

Newborough East Primary has had the pleasure to participate in the Kids Tennis Foundation program. Andrew Peavey runs an excellent program that is extremely engaging for the students and the staff. He sets lessons and activities that allow for a wide range of skill levels and the students enjoy the challenges that he offers. He quickly establishes an excellent rapport with the students and the kids look forward to the sessions.

As a PE teacher I have seen the students bring the skills learned to my classes and I am easily able to build on these and assist the kids in transferring these to similar sports. I have also noticed a positive impact on the staff attending his sessions. It has been great to see them participate with the students and develop their own skills not only in the sport, but in how to approach the teaching of a sport.

I hope to participate in the program again as I believe it provides excellent opportunities for our students.

Thankyou KTF

Mike Pullar

PE Teacher


Yinnar South Primary School

Students really enjoyed learning tennis and were always fully engaged in the sessions. As a small rural school with multi-aged classes, the coach was able to adapt sessions to suit individual needs.

Michael Carolan


Bendigo Violet Street Primary School

The tennis program was fantastic.

Bree was an exceptional teacher who developed a great rapport with the students.

It was a fantastic opportunity for our students to participate in tennis skills. The students would eagerly look forward to each Monday afternoon, walking down to the local court and participating in Tennis.

It was great for their self-esteem and self-confidence and it also improved their social skills.

Most of these students would not have the opportunity to play Tennis especially on a real tennis court so it was a great opportunity for them.

A big thanks to Steve, Susie and Bree…..we would love to be a part of the program next year too if able.

Emma Grant

PE Teacher & Sport Co-ordinator


The opportunity for our low-socioeconomic students to have access to fantastic coaches is something beyond everyday academic learning. The students thoroughly enjoyed a physical activity that majority would not otherwise get the opportunity to participate in.

Taking part in these tennis sessions assists our school in developing the whole-child by challenging their tolerance, their resilience and displaying respect for their coach.


Travis Colley

Sports Co-ordinator/P.E. Teacher



St Joseph’s, Gayndah

With the support of Mr Kevin Banner we have enjoyed a range of tennis based activities throughout Term 4. The students are always engaged and enthused to be involved in each of the activities. We value the opportunity to support tennis in our community and Kevin has become a solid foundation from which we can learn and grow a passion for the sport. We value the support provided by Kids Tennis Foundation to make this opportunity available

Amy Glisson


Kandanga State School recently hosted a 10 week Hot Shots Program with Gympie And District Tennis Association Coach Brett Cottrill thanks to Kids Tennis Foundation. The students enjoyed the experiences and will now be able to play at lunch times using the skills gained over the length of the program. The principal Mr Warwick Lucht was very supportive of the program and commented “ It is great to see the students able to challenge each other in a fun environment. The students are all keen to continue playing tennis and improving their skills and having fun”.



Recently children from Northampton DHS participated in a KTF program.

This was a much needed boost to our children to be able to have a specialist sports coach teach them the sport of tennis. Colin Thompson (coach) was fantastic, he was enthusiastic and keen and knowledgeable and was able to get even our most reluctant students to get up and have a go. 

We had three classes participating and it was great to see the children so keen to have a go that they would line up ready to

start well before their recess or lunch had finished!

Paul Luxton



We were lucky enough to have coach Nick from Batavia Tennis Coaching come to our school for the program and he was fantastic.  He was always prepared with fun, energetic, age appropriate activities for each of the classes.

The students all remained engaged in the lessons and looked forward to them each week. I saw improvement in the skills of the students especially those who had never had the chance to participate in tennis lessons before. It also provided me with useful ideas on how to incorporate the tennis skills into little games and activities. We were all very thankful for the chance to receive the lessons and greatly appreciated the time put in by Coach Nick and Coach Colin Thompson in organising and implementing them. We would highly recommend the program to every primary school.

Tracey Messina