In Term3. I coached two classes - year 5 in the morning, and year 4 in the afternoon with 20 to 25 children in each class. I organized the classes into two groups - one group received coaching and the other played matches (single format). Half an hour into the lesson we would switch it around. The teachers were happy with this - they got to umpire, timekeep and also played tennis as well. The children were coached in basic forehand, backhand, volley and serve techniques. They did really well - they loved it! The school had a lot of open spaces with a play area which is under cover. We set up the courts/nets in this shaded area and I coached the students in the open spaces - with lots of room to move. The experience has been great! Principal Lewis and the teachers have been very helpful. The children and teachers really enjoyed the tennis - “they always look forward to their next lesson” said one of the teachers.