Its Friday At Kingswood Park Primary School


The students from Kingswood Park Public School have thoroughly enjoyed learning the skills of Tennis this term. Our students have enjoyed the challenge it has provided them as well as the opportunity to get outside and active in a fun and competitive environment. Many of our students had never been exposed to tennis before and now have a good grasp of the skills and rules required to play the game. Our school has now purchased some nets to put tennis out at playtimes for everyone to play with. Here are some of the comments from students at Kingswood Park Public School about what they love about playing Tennis- “I love playing Tennis at school because it is fun and challenging and I get to play against many different people in my class.”-Rebecca “Tennis is fun to play. It keeps you fit and helps you with your coordination. Tennis coaching has helped me with my racquet skills and I’ve done loads more exercise than ever before. Tennis is AWESOME!”-Leyla “Tennis coaching at school has inspired me to play. I really love it because it keeps me fit and I have learnt lots of skills for example volley.” –Lima “At first I was not very good but now I’ve learnt how to do shots and I’m getting a lot better”-Bella Thank you again for giving my school this opportunity. The KTF program through the Ken Rosewall Regional Project is an absolute winner! The kids are beyond excited every Friday when our tennis coach comes to deliver his lesson! We never have anyone away on a Friday!!!!