Goonawarra Primary School


“The grade 3 and 4 children are so fortunate to have Matt running this tennis program at our school once again. They absolutely love hearing the news that they have tennis and need to line up at the gym! Parents have also praised the program stating (with surprise) that their children are practising their tennis skills at home.

The program definitely provides all children with anopportunitytotry something that they may not have done before,learnspecificskillsand implement these in mini game like situations. They really enjoy rotating through the hot shot courts and versing all their peers.

The children have definitely shown an improvement as theprogram continues and always showed great enthusiasm during the lessons. Matt instils great teaching and supports students at all levels with the belief that anyone can improve and achieve.” Jessica Dunn , 3/4 Teacher

Below are what some childen had to say about the KTF program

I have enjoyed doing forehand and backhand volley because it’s definitely improved my tennis ability.


We have been practising serving which is a really tricky skill.


I enjoyed putting my skills to the test in mini doubles matches.


Matt’s been teaching us how to hold the racquet properly as well as all the different swings (forehand, backhand, serve and volley).


I enjoyed trying to keep the ball on the racquet whilst spinning around. Gravity made this very challenging!


We always rotated around to different nets so we were able to play with different people.