From Islington Primary School


First of all I would like to thank the Kids Tennis Foundation for the opportunity given to our school to participate in the program this year under the banner of the Ken Rosewall Regional Project. Secondly I would like to acknowledge the commitment and excellent coaching provided by the coach Michael Mills. He has a real affiliation with introducing tennis to those that have no or little experience and an excellent rapport with children. Thirdly, the students who participated have benefited in many ways. We have new refugee students in the school and this was their first experience with tennis and the improvement in these students’ skills was outstanding. The same can be said for students in my class who have an intellectual disability and often poor gross motor skills. It provided them with a positive self-esteem boost to be able to participate with their peers within the broader school environment. All students regardless of background were enthusiastic every week and put in a great effort to improve, be responsible with equipment, learn to take turns and develop their sportsmanship and cooperative skills. We had approximately 50 students from years 3-6 participate throughout the year. The program offered teachers a valuable opportunity to learn new teaching skills and we now have the appropriate equipment to keep practising.

The students really appreciated the visit from Ken Rosewall. It was a great chance to research his contribution to Australian tennis and they were very interested in what he had to say at assembly. He is a true gentlemen. Many students have enjoyed the positive outcomes from being involved in this program and we look forward to applying for the chance to be part of it again in future years.

Sean Beeton

Sport Coordinator