Albanvale Primary School


Tuan has been conducting the Kids Tennis Foundation program at Albanvale P.S this year. We have rotated the program between the grades 3 to 6 so a total of 146 students have been able to access the program. The students have loved the program. They look forward to it each week and are disappointed when their designated lessons are finished. Tuan is such a dedicated teacher and the students love his approach and attitude..he even arrives earlier during recess to engage with the students and to play games with them. Tuan has been able to boost their enthusiasm, self-esteem, self-confidence and be able to improve their skill development during this program.

I thank you for the program which has provided our students with the

opportunity to receive professional coaching they would not be able to

receive otherwise. In addition, through this program I have a student

who now has taken up professional lessons outside of school hours.

Thanks again

For providing this program for the students at Albanvale P.S

Andrea Kwong

From students at Albanvale P.S.…..


I really liked the tennis lessons because they were fun and engaging. I also liked the instructor because he was very supportive.

Ha-Vy Gr 6


I liked the tennis lessons because it has helped me develop some skills and how to play. Tuan was really encouraging and supportive and was able to make the lesson fun.

Grace 5/6T


Tennis was a great experience and it was a good way of learning how to collaborate. Tennis helped our school in many ways, such as learning :


-Being active

-Responsibility and more

I really liked and enjoyed the tennis program. Tuan was a really supportive coach and demonstrated skills really well. I learnt how to hit a tennis ball with the bat properly as well.

I personally really enjoyed it. It was extremely fun and I’m thankful that we had this free opportunity. Our coach was really supportive and he taught me the basics and skills for tennis.

Jovillia 5/6T


I think I have learnt lots about tennis and it is so much fun and every week I cannot wait for Tuan to come.

By Sasho Gr 3/4


Dear Tuan,

Thank you for coming to Albanvale P.S. We appreciate the things you did for us in tennis. You are such a helpful man. You are the best tennis coach I ever had.

Enalisha Gr ¾


I loved tennis because Tuan showed me how to hit the ball!

Malakai GR ¾