Adrian Zarebski


As a coach with the Kids Tennis Foundation (KTF) I am privileged enough to participate in this school program which actively works to encourage children to participate in the game of tennis. The KTF program is set up in such a way it helps to improve social interaction, communication and overall behaviour in all children and those with special needs. As a coach, I focus on running the classes in such a manner as to encourage creativity, enthusiasm, energy, support, encouragement and respect for others. I always look forward to my clinics at the various schools in which I can share the joy of tennis with children. It is such a rewarding experience when I am approached by both parents and teachers at the schools telling me that the children have never before shown so much commitment and enthusiasm to PE as they have in my clinics. I continually find that children at my clinics are extremely hard working, show a lot of enthusiasm and commitment, and are extremely keen to learn as much as they can each lesson. The various schools at which I run my clinics are very supportive and encouraging of the children and the KTF program, and by working together we are able to provide a very enjoyable and fun filled lesson where children not only learn about tennis but are able to actively participate in the sport.