Our Objectives



1.   To provide financially and socially disadvantaged children with  the opportunity to learn and play tennis.


2.   To provide coaches, racquets and balls at no cost to the  participants.


3.   To promote an enjoyable learning environment, by creating a  happy, relaxed atmosphere during the Kids

Tennis Foundation  lesson.


4.   To provide positive reinforcement during lessons in order to raise self esteem and self confidence


5.   To provide a coach who will be seen as a positive role model.


6.   To provide a recreational outlet, normally not available to those receiving the Kids Tennis Foundation Program.


7.   To introduce a skill which will provide a lifetime recreational  outlet.


8.   To encourage participants to continue with their tennis by  joining a local club or by playing competition or social tennis.


9.   To promote a healthy lifestyle through regular active participation in the Kids Tennis Foundation Program.