History Of Kids Tennis Foundation


Close to 100 programs are conducted every school term, hence 400 programs across the year (4 terms) which equates to 4,000 classes during the school year (10 weeks in each term).


In excess 2,500 youngsters take part in the Kids Tennis Foundation Program every school term, equating to approximately 10,000 kids across the year.


The coach plays a vital role.  Generally speaking, each week he or she goes to the same school at the same time with a supply of racquets and balls and portable nets, provided by Kids Tennis Foundation. The children at these “disadvantaged” Primary Schools attend the hourly lessons for at least a school term (usually 10 or 11 weeks) before rotating and giving others in the school the same opportunity. Schools remain in the Program for (usually) two years, with children from Years 3-6 receiving the Program in this time. It is then the turn of other schools, but, after (usually) two years, that original school will then be revisited as Year 3 students would then be in Year 6 and, so, the rotation begins again!


Most programs are conducted at the schools. Kids Tennis Foundation provides portable nets which are used on the school grounds. With these nets and lines, often with chalk, on the playing area, instant tennis courts are produced in just a few minutes.


The size of the groups vary, but more often than not an entire class will be out on the court/s at the same time. Also, at some schools, because of the vast number of different nationalities, English is the first language with only a small percentage of children.